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Anne Hayes

Relationship Development Manager

Anne has enjoyed an eclectic career, which started in Corrections as both a parole and probation officer. Recognizing this was not her life passion, she commenced her search to find a new career path leading her to a 20+ year of reward and personal fulfillment in business development and sales. Not all was lost in this transition, as the one common theme throughout her career has been the creation of opportunities for human interaction, communication, and developing and fostering relations.

Over the past 20 years, Anne has worked in sales for Coca-Cola, Alley Kat Brewery, Papyrus greeting cards, a pharmaceutical company and, most recently, in supporting the growth of the Edmonton International Airports’ parking products through business development initiatives.  Anne has a strong ethic around giving back to the community and has served on the Boards of YouCan and the Edmonton Comedy Festival. She has also co-founded a women’s networking group that boasts 80 members called WINONA.

As the newest member of the ProFound Talent team, Anne serves as our Relationship Development Manager. Continuing with what Anne does best, she builds the ProFound brand, she attracts new client relations, and she serves our clients by being their partner in growth. Anne understands that to build lasting client relationships, it is important to establish trust and to co-create clear expectations and common goals.

When Anne is not at work, she enjoys being tormented at Orange Theory Fitness (pre-Covid) and taking long walks with her golden retriever, Dougie. Anne enjoys spending time with her family and going back to her home city of Vancouver, to enjoy time with her son, the ocean air and to visit her friends and clients.

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