The ProFound Difference? We Attract Abundance.

With over 20 years as a Recruiter, it has been my vision to help organizations realize the power of attraction.  Attraction exists in every aspect of our universe from our most primitive human attraction to the flower that attracts the bee or the magnet that attracts its charge.  Most businesses work towards a mission and a goal forgetting the one key element - attraction – attracting talent to your organization, attracting business to generate revenue, attracting ideas to generate innovation.  Attraction is at the centre of our universe and its at the centre of your business.

With our ProFound Platform, the Power of Attraction is our core focus.  We tell your story through a unique lens of digital media production, on-line storytelling, and headhunting to give you the competitive edge in your industry.  We are your Partner in Growth attracting talent and business into your organization through a holistic approach, eliminating the silos of the past.

It has been my dream to refine almost two decades of experience in the recruitment industry into something ProFound; in providing better ways to transform your business and yourself.  At the centre of this is growth and learning. Being ProFound is to continue to learn and find better ways to gain the competitive edge.  ProFound TV was created as a digital channel for education and information, to help employers, business leaders,  job seekers, students and the general public to train, build skills, and build the knowledge that continues to grow both yourself and the businesses for which you work within. ProFound will help you attract abundantly, far and wide.

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Terri Davis
President & CEO, ProFound Group of Companies