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Improve Your Odds With A Great Resume

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Getting the first interview becomes less a game of chance with a strong resume.

Ah, the resume. Almost everyone hates making a resume or updating a resume. One of the hardest things to do yourself is to present yourself to recruiters in the best light. For the same reasons that it’s hard to write or talk about yourself in any context, the resume presents some unique challenges for anyone. Presenting your personality, your work history, and your x-factor on paper takes work. But stand out from the crowd you must if you want to make it to that first interview and beyond.

On the face of it, writing and laying out a good resume doesn’t sound hard. But it is. In many ways, it’s easier to have someone write your resume for you. But in the event you want to DIY, here are some things to keep in mind:

You need to tell your story

This means putting your history into a context that will make you feel like a good fit with the organizations with which you’re applying. Story goes not just for the words on the page, but also the way that information is presented. Use strong, active language, present yourself as a solution to problems and a problem solver.

Layout and design matters

You want to highlight certain areas of interest, and make sure these highlights stand out for a recruiter. Some resumes will be designed with a sidebar of highlights, like achievements, hard and soft skills, and education. Don’t be afraid of using color on your resume but be mindful that your resume might be printed off in black and white, so stay away from gradients and colors that are too soft. Designing in black and white is always classic. Pay attention to fonts and use a hierarchy of sizes to indicate to the reader what things are most significant by how you treat your headlines, sub headlines, and body copy.

Introduce yourself, what you like, love, and what’s important to you

You will be part of a whole team, so you want to give your future employer a clear sense of who you are as an individual. Many people are going to be competitive with you on the level of work experience. What sets you apart on your resume is how unique you seem when compared to other candidates.

Make your work history active and results oriented

You can go beyond simply listing your job duties for any position by making it achievement driven. In doing what you did in a certain role, how did you achieve (or exceed) your goals? What was the benefit you created by your actions? How did you help your last company achieve its goals? If you’re in sales, this will be largely sales oriented. If you are an engineer, this will be related to your subject matter expertise. But also think about what you did that had cross-departmental value. If you can show that you think strategically and holistically, you will be seen to have more skill than if you are just performing a narrow function. Think about the big picture.

Use testimonials

If you have three solid, snappy testimonials, it’s a good idea to include these in your resume. Ideally, these are diverse, from superiors, co-workers, and community leaders. If you have three of a kind, that’s fine too. Make sure they are short, speak about your skills, and speak to your character. A few short testimonials from people who love what you do and how you do it is a good way to orient a recruiter to how you work and how you’re seen. These same people can double as your references or not. Pick and choose based on what makes strategic sense for you.

It’s always a crap shoot when it comes to getting your resume to the top of the pile and on to the first interview. But you can improve your career chances by paying a little more attention to your resume. Your resume needs to speak for you, so give it a good voice, a good face, and dress it to do the work for you. Paying attention to the quality of your resume is a foundational first step you can take to getting that next great job.

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Anne Hayes


Anne Hayes

Relationship Development Manager

Anne has enjoyed an eclectic career, which started in Corrections as both a parole and probation officer. Recognizing this was not her life passion, she commenced her search to find a new career path leading her to a 20+ year of reward and personal fulfillment in business development and sales. Not all was lost in this transition, as the one common theme throughout her career has been the creation of opportunities for human interaction, communication, and developing and fostering relations.

Over the past 20 years, Anne has worked in sales for Coca-Cola, Alley Kat Brewery, Papyrus greeting cards, a pharmaceutical company and, most recently, in supporting the growth of the Edmonton International Airports’ parking products through business development initiatives.  Anne has a strong ethic around giving back to the community and has served on the Boards of YouCan and the Edmonton Comedy Festival. She has also co-founded a women’s networking group that boasts 80 members called WINONA.

As the newest member of the ProFound Talent team, Anne serves as our Relationship Development Manager. Continuing with what Anne does best, she builds the ProFound brand, she attracts new client relations, and she serves our clients by being their partner in growth. Anne understands that to build lasting client relationships, it is important to establish trust and to co-create clear expectations and common goals.

When Anne is not at work, she enjoys being tormented at Orange Theory Fitness (pre-Covid) and taking long walks with her golden retriever, Dougie. Anne enjoys spending time with her family and going back to her home city of Vancouver, to enjoy time with her son, the ocean air and to visit her friends and clients.

Anne Hayes Relationship Development Manager Anne has enjoyed an eclectic career, which started in Corrections as both a

Taylor Nobert


Taylor Nobert

Digital Editor

Systems, planning, data and social media all run with precision, creativity and quick thinking thanks to Taylor Nobert. Just 20, Taylor represents a new era employee, one that’s naturally multidisciplinary, technologically savvy, and curious about how things work.  As our Digital Editor, Taylor uses her keen eye for detail while editing ProFound’s creative digital media products.

It speaks to Taylor’s character that her ultimate passion is to become an Obstetrics Medical Doctor. Until then, we gladly utilize her empathetic and strategic mind, creativity, and cheery drive to achieve greatness for our clients and ourselves. She is currently enrolled at MacEwan University in the Bachelor of Science degree program.

When Taylor is not in school or working, she loves to hang out with her puppy, Dolce, and kitty, Louis (named after Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton), which brings us to her next passion of fashion and shopping!

Taylor Nobert Digital Editor Systems, planning, data and social media all run with precision, creativity and quick thinking

Shelley Hyde


Shelley Hyde

Marketing Manager

A passion for creativity coupled with a desire to excel at systems, research and strategy is what motivates Shelley.  With over 20 years of experience in senior professional level roles with a focus on marketing and business development Shelley has fulfilled the title “Jill of all skills”.

Shelley is a self professed geek and loves to learn new technology applying it to maximize efficiencies and streamline processes.  Her motto is, “if there is a will there is a way”.  Shelley’s can-do attitude has served her well in her career creating out of the box solutions and unique marketing strategies. 

Shelley implements ProFound’s digital marketing strategy, building creative digital and video media products.  Shelley enjoys seeing the result of her creative efforts and strives to communicate a message that is relatable to all.

People are the root of this business and it is important for Shelley to see them flourish, succeed and achieve their goals.  Diversity and inclusion are of personal interest to Shelley and she strives to make sure that every human being is accepted with the warmth and respect deserving of them.

Shelley believes that variety is the spice of life and engaging in different activities keeps a person fresh and fulfilled.  Shelley is a certified dog obedience trainer and when she is not working you will find her spending time with her two chihuahuas Daisy and Chica.  In the past, Shelley spent countless hours rehabilitating shelter dogs to re-home them successfully.  Shelley is enthusiastic about exploring alternative methods of healing through energy work and meditation.  In fact, it was ProFound’s attraction strategy and desire to help people that set Shelley on a mission to be a part of the ProFound family.

Shelley Hyde Marketing Manager A passion for creativity coupled with a desire to excel at systems, research and

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