Are You Living Your Dream Life?

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Have you ever caught yourself driving to work and wondered how you got there as you were on auto pilot?  Are you going through the motions of life yet often feel you are on the never-ending hamster wheel of “Groundhog Day”? 

Does your life look something like this……wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, grab your coffee, jump in the car, auto-drive to work, work your day…oh and eat something of high sugar content at 3 pm to keep you going until the end of the day… drive home, scramble to get dinner together, drive the kids around to activities, watch your favorite television show (mine happens to be Grey’s Anatomy), off to bed…..and do it all over again tomorrow?! Do you find yourself feeling like life is just passing you by? Are you are no longer inspired by your work? Do you feel stuck? Wonder what your purpose in life is?  Are you living your dream life?

Over the past year, I have been making a large transition in my life. Like a lot of you, I found myself living an uninspired life. Yes, a loving mother of two beautiful girls. Yes, a great circle of friends. Yes, a great job as a Partner of a national search firm. Yes, a healthy pay cheque. Yes, a healthy existence.  Many would say I was at the top of my game. My life was filled with all this beauty, yet I found myself wanting more. It is a very distinctive feeling when you know you’re meant for something different. That feeling was starting to dominate my life. I could see it, peering at me from across the street when I picked up my dry-cleaning. Looking around the corner when I got in my car. Hiding behind the milk every time I opened the fridge. 

Luckily for me, I happen to be in the field of helping people with transition in their life, in helping people find their passion and a career that inspires them. I’d helped so many people over the years yet, I found myself not living true to the advice I was giving others. I’d watched people make the move from dark to light and I wanted it for myself.   And with this thought I decided to DREAM BIG! I soon realized that I let “fear”, “uncertainty” and my desire to “control” my future become obstacles in achieving my dreams.  

I drew inspiration from the people I had helped through my career, drew confidence from gathering information, and was delivered a guiding hand in the form of a friend, a coach, and a mentor. The biggest factor to me finding the career of my dreams and my dream life, however, was making the choice to change. Asking myself, “Who should I be?” Inspiration, confidence, a guiding hand, and a choice. That is what it took to take my leap. Now I have my own firm, based on my vision and principles, and a career where my passion to help others can be my number one goal. I’m happy. 

For a few enlightening seconds, throw out what you’ve been socialized to believe is where you belong. Forget your resume and past accomplishments. Those are in the past. Finding someone with the tools and the knowledge to guide you is the first step in a journey that leads to a richer and more fulfilling career and life. Find what aids you in hitting that highest vibration in yourself. Find what allows your brain to light up.  Allow the curiosity and creativity to awaken inside you. Find that little nugget and hold it out in your hands. Hold it out with confidence and hold it with knowledge that anything is possible.  Hold it out… and ask…for help in finding your new possibility in life!

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