Stacey Laing

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Stacey Laing

Talent Acquisition Consultant

A passion for helping people reach their professional and personal goals is what drives Stacey to be exceptional in her field. Having established her career building relationships in many sectors including not-for-profit, government, higher education, public as well as private industry, Stacey understands that what motivates people for excellence is personal, therefore everyone’s approach to success should be uniquely crafted.

Having spent years working in professional skill development at the University of Alberta, Stacey has facilitated over a thousand people in acquiring the necessary tools, competencies and attitudes to be successful in obtaining their career objectives. Stacey believes that everyone should be personally invested in what they do in order to be fulfilled and prosperous. Stacey has been successful in matching these individuals with industry in their related fields providing the organizations with great talent and the individuals with excellent opportunity.

Stacey holds a Bachelor of Physical Education degree from the University of Alberta, which has provided her with career experience in the fields of sport, physical activity, kinesiology, as well as health and wellness. She also holds a Certificate in Management Development from the University of Alberta School of Business and believes that excellence in leadership lends to high quality work atmospheres, which directly correlates to success in business.

Stacey has been recognized for her strong work ethic and commitment to helping others. Aside from mentoring young adults in career skills, she has also been seen on the sidelines coaching and managing many sports teams. An advocate of working together in pursuit of similar goals, Stacey believes that experiencing success as well as setbacks in sport teaches us how to work together towards excellence in business.

Stacey is excited to be joining the ProFound Talent Inc. team, and is committed to Dreaming Big, Being Extraordinary and Being ProFound!

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