Taylor Nobert

Operations Manager
ProFound Group of Comopanies

Systems, planning, data and social media all run with precision, creativity and quick thinking thanks to
Taylor Nobert. Just 20, Taylor represents a new era employee, one that’s naturally multidisciplinary,
technologically savvy, and curious about how things work. In addition to keeping ProFound operations, contractors
and agreements running smoothly, Taylor implements ProFound’s social media engagement strategy, while also
building creative digital and video media products for ProFound.
It speaks to Taylor’s character that her ultimate passion is to become an Obstetrics Medical Doctor. Until then, we
gladly utilize her empathetic and strategic mind, creativity, and cheery drive to achieve greatness for our clients and
ourselves. She is currently enrolled at MacEwan University in the Bachelor of Science degree program.
When Taylor is not in school or working, she loves to hang out with her puppy, Dolce, and kitty, Louis (named after
Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton), which brings us to her next passion of fashion and shopping!